Grounding or Earthing are therapeutic techniques which connect the human body to the healing and pain relief benefits of the earth through electromagnetic contact.
We are designed to live directly on the earth so that its magnetic field can help heal our bodies from pain, inflammation and more. 
One of the ways to achieve Grounding and its healing benefits is by wearing a magnetic brackets, anklets, rings, etc.
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Magnetic Bracelet Testimonies
Audio testimony
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Brian at Miracle of Massage is a blessing from GOD. I don't typically write reviews but I am in awe over what this bracelet did for me. I have fibromyalgia and have suffered with this for more than 25 years. In addition, I've been dealing with a problem area since last August, between my neck and my shoulder on the left side of my body. My chiropractor and Brian have been working on this area and Brian has been working his magic on the fibromyalgia as well as this area on my neck and shoulder and with significant strides.  Last week, Brian suggested I try these bracelets to see if I get any further relief, in either area. Well...I didn't think much about it after I left but the next evening it dawned on me that the pain in my neck and shoulder was GONE!!! I am absolutely stunned! So, to test it, I removed the bracelet and went about my business and by morning, I was in pain again so I put the bracelet back on and by the next day the pain had reduced again. I recommend that everyone try these bracelets.  Warm Regards, Dianna T Douglasville, GA 
The Magnetic bracelets from The Miracle of Massage eliminated my extreme thumb through wrist pain in 2 days. The pain was so bad that I literally could not pick up anything with my right hand. When excruciating knee pain woke me up one night, I  tried putting the bracelets on my ankles. I was able to go back to sleep and in the morning the pain was totally gone. These things really work.
Paulene S.
Lithonia, GA.
I had some left ankle pain a few weeks ago. By the second day I was limping and seriously hurting. Friends teased me into making a magnetic anklet for my pain. I wore it to bed. Next morning I was disappointed because the pain was still there HOWEVER only 50% or so was still there. After the second night ALL the pain was gone. I literally did nothing else to fix it and I have not worn the anklet since. It's been 2 weeks and I am still pain free. Brian Walters Conyers, GA