Massage does not work. My back still hurts.

Most people think all Massage is the same and are disappointed when they do not receive their expected benefits from their massage. Many have no idea that massage can be used to relieve pain, stiffness, tightness, improve joint mobility and range of motion.They do not know that there is a marked difference between Spa-like Swedish massage and Medical or Orthopedic Massage and BodyWork.

Here is one way to explain it.

If your car brakes start making noise, you would naturally take it to the mechanic, wouldn't you? Now if your car is in a wreck, do you take it to the same mechanic, or do you take it to the Body Shop?

Both auto mechanics work on cars but they specialize in two completely different aspects of your car's function. 

 Medical massage or BodyWork is focused on providing relief from a painful condition by physically correcting a specific issue or injury. It is not typically relaxing or fun. It is sometimes painful and may cause temporary soreness but the benefits can be absolutely amazing. 

On the other hand Swedish or spa massage is relaxing, calming, soothing, relieves stress and not painful at all. 

Most therapists practice Spa-like Swedish Massage. A few massage therapists specialize in Medical Massage and BodyWork for Pain Relief, Accident Injury / Whiplash rehabilitation and much more. 

The Miracle of Massage in Stone Mountain offers totally free Pain Relief consultation without any obligation to purchase.

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