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BodyWork is very different from Spa (Swedish, relaxation massage).
Bodywork therapy focuses on treating painful conditions which affect the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments & tendons) of the body. 

We integrate a range of techniques designed to treat your specific body type and condition. 
In the process you will also achieve increased flexibility and range of motion.
Orthopedic / BodyWork & Massage is the very best for Pain Relief and Pain Management.

Do you suffer from any of these ailments?

Migraine Headaches – We specialize in Migraine Headache pain reduction.

Cellulite Reduction – Return of Proper Circulation

Unable to loose Weight or Weight Gain

Fluid Retention

Leg or Calf Pain, Numbness, Tingling

Lower Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Hand, Arm, Wrist Pain or Numbness

Swelling of Legs or Feet




Lack of Energy


Carpal Tunnel Pain

Foot Pain

Shoulder Pain

Sore Buttocks

Waist Pain

Head Aches

Limited Arm or Leg Movement


Truck Drivers / Taxi Drivers

Leg pain

Lower Back pain

Poor circulation

Head Aches

Poor digestion

Numbness in fingers, legs or toes

Shoulder pain

Neck pain

We accept most Health Care Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)

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