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At The Miracle of Massage we specialize in Pain Relief Massage Therapy.. 
Orthopedic / Medical / Bodywork Therapy customized for relieving Pain and the detrimental effects of Stress on the body. 
We offer FREE pain relief consultation so you can understand the cause of your pain and how we can help to relieve it. We are here to serve you. 

For us there is no greater reward than that of helping others become Pain Free.

Accident Injury and Personal Injury cases
We are the best at soft tissue repair and rehabilitation.
Payments can be made in full when the case is settled or in part during the case with the balance due when settled.

Sports Injury
We treat a variety of sports injuries. From growing pains in young athletes through increased range of motion for peak performance in adult athletes.

Back Pain
Back pain is one of the most complained about medical issues country wide every year. The causes will vary greatly depending on occupation, life style, activity etc.
Our studies and experience allows us to be very successful in relieving back pain.




The Miracle of Massage was created in 2011 for the sole purpose of helping others. With time we realized that many people were in need of holistic pain relief rather than Swedish, Spa type massage but though all massage was the same. 
To provide help for such people 
we designed integrated individualized treatments for each person specifically for pain management and pain relief.

We offer free consultations.
We educate our patients on the cause and the treatment of their pain.
We motivate and support them through their healing.

We are truly blessed to enjoy using our gift and passion of massage in service to others.
We are here for you.


We volunteer time for Hospice
and are members of ABMP.